Oh Man, what a week! The Flu Strikes. . .the Dryer Quits

Every family has a week like this one where a virus spreads like brush fire. . .and then the appliances, realizing their opportunity, design a plan of mutiny. Usually the appliances gang up when one or more children is vomiting. Marc stepped off of the bus on Tuesday with a 101 degree fever. The pediatrician generously saw us and diagnosed Marc with both the A and B strains of the flu. I started coughing on the drive home. By the next day, cough, headache and fever were my modus operandi as … [Read more...]


As a mother of multiples, you are going be the recipient of LOADS of advice. Everyone will have something to say (even me) about what you should or shouldn't do. But lean in close. Here is my BEST. ADVICE. EVER.  In some ways this is the only piece of advice you'll ever need because no one can counter it or say the opposite worked better for them. Find other mothers of multiples. Better yet, find a mothers of multiples group. Join it. PARTICIPATE IN IT. Be an active member. More than … [Read more...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! How did you celebrate the last day of 2012? We had some good friends, who are also parents-of-multiples, over for a very impromptu celebration: "Hey, Heather. . .Scott is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. . .do you want to come over?" Heather brought apple pie, ice cream and sparkling cider for the "midnight" (also known as the 9:30) toast. We poured drinks into fancy goblets and everyone had to go around and say what they thought the best part of 2012 was. The kids … [Read more...]

Christmas Photos

I'll just go ahead and admit defeat. It is really rather embarrassing and probably the real reason no one has received a Christmas card from our family this year: I failed to score the perfect Christmas picture. I LOVE getting Christmas cards, especially the photo kind. I love watching my friends and their families grow-up, see their vacations, remark on how much so-and-so looks like her mother. I also love sending our own cards. . when I have just the right picture that captures all the … [Read more...]


Today's tragedy in Newtown Connecticut hits home because there is a sense that that could have been our elementary school and those could have been any of our children. And, as shocked and heartbroken and appalled and numb we feel right now, we also have the grateful sense that it wasn't our school and it wasn't our children and by some inexplicable reason it happened there and not here. And while I think I kissed my kiddos more today than yesterday. . .I found myself being more patient, … [Read more...]

A Dog and then a Loss and a lesson in parenting

A dog wandered into our yard on Monday. This isn't an unusual event in that we live by a field. So we posted her picture around the neighborhood and let neighbors know on the subdivision's website that we had found her. An adorable terrier schnauzer mix with the friendliest personality, the dog immediately captured our hearts. She was good with the children, no jumping or barking, and she could play fetch until you were tired of throwing the ball. Before the evening was done, we had bought a … [Read more...]

We Bought a Piano!

My husband is the musician in the family. He plays guitar and sings. He used to direct a church choir. And, when we were first married, he would follow me around the house playing his guitar and singing songs--sometimes serious ones but mostly funny reworks. I have to admit that the last part might sound romantic, but it was actually annoyingly funny (really, who follows some to the laundry room with their guitar?). We've been siting in the VERY FRONT row at church for most of the year. The … [Read more...]

When your evening doesn’t go well. . .

There are evenings, like tonight, when you have to remind yourself that it isn't about the work that awaits you when they go down, it is the wonder that embraces you when they are awake. All of it comes to an end. . .even this  and this. . .   And that the true power of a parent is realizing what is important. . .and being able to let go, and open wide, and laugh through it all. … [Read more...]

Halloween 2012

I love Halloween costumes that have a family theme: a box of crayons. . ."birds of a feather". . .Mary had a bunch of lambs. Convincing my boys, though, that being crayons rather than Ninjas is a great idea is a losing battle. So, this year when ALL FOUR of them wanted to be ninjas--I didn't intervene. Okay, truth be told I did have a fit when I saw the price tag times three of the ninja costumes. At first I was relieved that the two year old would follow tradition and be a bunny. Seeing the … [Read more...]

Little Boy Blue

Having had two sets of twins so close in age, I still feel a sense of sadness that for so much of their early years I was in survival mode--just trying to keep up with the demands of four children under the age of two. Everyone was relatively healthy and seemingly happy, but I somewhat grieved that I was just barely keeping up with basic needs. And, I can still be brought to tears when I think of Luke and Will (the second set of twins) as babies. My memories of that time with them is almost … [Read more...]