What to bring to the beach. . .really just two items you don’t want to forget

We went to the beach this past weekend. We rented a condo and packed the car (you really don't need another picture of that because it is very similar to the one I previously posted except that we were only going to be gone for four days, not ten. . .the car looked the same.) This is only our second time venturing coastward. A couple of years we made the trek. . .and the pictures were amazing of the kids. They sure had a great time. I remember being exhausted. A baby under one. . .and four … [Read more...]

How to Pack for a Trip with Multiples

Take it all. No really. Attach whatever you can to the back of the car, on top of the car. Stuff the stuff in every crevice and under everyone's feet. Pack it in trash bags, duffle bags. . .it doesn't matter. Everything will be covered in Goldfish and Cheerios and juice box drippings before you even get out of the city limits. Load groggy, morning-breath smelling kids into the mix. Strap them in, adjust pillows--then ask if anyone has to pee. Unstrap. Tell them to just go on the side of the … [Read more...]

Scaling Mount Evans or Why we needed hot chocolate in July

This was the first vacation to Colorado where children's activities and nap schedules didn't dictate all of our plans. (A CHEER for family progress!) Finally able to venture a little further from Grandma and Papa's house, one of our jaunts was to meet my brother Tim for dinner in Idaho Springs, a small mountain town about 45 minutes from Denver. Tim loves the mountains. As county commissioner of Clear Creek County and a resident of Idaho Springs, Tim has become somewhat of a history buff of … [Read more...]

Crawfish Boil in Denver

It might seem strange that we'd have to go North (away from the ocean) to have our family experience their first Crawfish Boil, but that is exactly what happened while we were visiting Denver. My brother, Jon, and his wife, Sam, hosted a crawfish boil for the family in their beautiful backyard. It was a messy blast! The crawfish were flown in that morning from Lousianna   My brother, Aaron, separated the alive looking ones from those that looked a little motion sick--or … [Read more...]

Did you WANT to have Twins?

Since my first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy, I don't think I thought about wanting or not wanting to have twins. Scott and I struggled to have children and had to resort to in vitro to begin our family. We were so excited to become parents and we thought that the two-for-one deal was a great way to do it. But after a "not-as-I-planned" emergency c-section and babies hooked up to tubes and monitors and the unrelenting demands of caring for such fragile lives, I desparately struggled during … [Read more...]

The Importance of One-on-One Time with your Multiples

Really, this post should be titled: "I Wanted to Learn how to Knit" or "I don't think I can do another Chucky Cheese Date" We often hear in the land of multiples how it is essential that we spend time alone with each child rather than always doing things with both children--or in our case all five of them. "See your child as an individual rather than part of a set" is the advice that is usually given. And, yes, when I've had the chance to go out with one child or the other I'm always … [Read more...]

Fourth of July and the Seed Spitting Contest

Did you have a good holiday weekend? We sure did! Of all of our national holidays, the fourth of July is definitely my favorite. It is all about getting together with friends and family, celebrating our nation's birthday in a way that doesn't polarize people, and it ends with spectacular fireworks.  This year we celebrated in Texas with Scott's brother and sister-in-law. Our family has so many memories of poolside adventures at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Cindy's. This year was no exception. There … [Read more...]

The Lawn is OPEN so Let the PLAY (and the memories) Begin

Once again, it is about community. I’m big on it. So it is no surprise that even when we scraped together all of our Marriot points and cashed them in for a two night stay with two double beds (yes, I did end up sleeping on the floor for part of one night!) at the JW Marriott—the part of the weekend that stands out for me is not the beautiful accommodations, the pools and slides, or the brunch that has my absolute favorite breakfast treat (smoked salmon with capers). It is not even the fact … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Dear Dad, I didn't get you a card. Oh, and that gift part. . .yeah, didn't get a chance to get that bought and mailed off either. You've been here. You know how crazy it gets with five kids. So, I thought I'd write you a post that has been percolating in my head for the past month. Last month, when you and mom were visiting for Marc's and Maddie's First Communion, you made a comment that stopped me in my tracks and I've been thinking about it ever since. Let me set the scene. … [Read more...]

I’ll Show you mine. . .if you show me yours: Playrooms in the Land of Multiples

This post is about messy playrooms--well, it started out that way. . . Last week one of the mothers of multiples posted a picture of her children's play area--in real time. I swear you could almost hear a collective sigh throughout the Facebook site. Really?! Mine looks just like that, too! At first I thought, What a great idea! I'll post pictures of messy playrooms. What a wonderful way to make Mothers of Multiples everywhere feel better for themselves! If your house looks like these … [Read more...]