Catching Dinner: Our Day of Fishing

Staying at a ski resort in the summer offers some great amenities. . . but sometimes you just want to go out to nature and, you know, catch your own dinner.

We ventured out to Lake Irvin, about 20 minutes from Crested Butte to cast our luck. . .and at times try our patience.

Lake Irvin

To be honest, we don’t do much fishing as a family. We have all of the gear but when there are five impatient little fisher people and five poles to get put together with hooks and bait, and five lines to cast out. . .untangle. . .reel in. . .and cast out again. . .well, even the most patient dad (and mom) can end up not enjoying the day out.

But, I have four brothers–all who are very good anglers–so when we are together as extended family the poles come out. . .the children are divided among the uncles and grandpa. . .and lines get wet. With this configuration, even Scott has a chance to cast out his line.

My brother, Jon, caught the first fish but this wasn’t as prestigious as it sounds because he literally had to also jump into the lake to retrieve both his pole and the attached fish.

Jon fishing

This is my brother, Aaron. He and Will had great success pulling in a couple of fish. All of my brothers are catch and release kind of anglers. . .but when fishing with children using hooks and salmon eggs, the fish end up swallowing everything and we have to keep them.  The uncles taught us the right way to release the fish: hold them in the water and gently shake the trout back and forth to get water moving through their gills.

Will and Aaron fishing

This is my brother, Tim. He was fishing with Marc, but Marc can be rather impatient and said that Tim wasn’t very lucky. If only he had waited a little longer. . .

Tim Fishing

Luke and Uncle Tim had better luck as a fishing pair.

Luke Fishing

Marc reeled in this beauty with Aaron. He figured that his was probably one of the biggest catches of the day.

Marc Fishing

Maddie, who is the only granddaughter/niece on my side of the family, held her own by reeling in this beauty.

Girls fish

This cutie-pie didn’t really care for fishing. He was even less impressed with the rudimentary bathroom facilities.


Most of the gang posed for a picture after we were finished. My mom probably caught the biggest fish, but just as she had it almost to shore it snapped the line.

family pic


Later that evening Aaron cooked up the fish. He buttered the insides and sprinkled them with a garlic/herb seasoning. Then he stuffed them with lemon slices and a sprig of parsley. He buttered the outsides and sprinkled them with salt and butter and more garlic/herb seasoning. Then he laid them in a greased baking pan and added about ⅓ cup of white wine to the pan. Baked uncovered at 350 for 30 minutes. It was AMAZING!

All of my brothers are very good cooks–a result of the excellent teaching (and experimenting) of our mother!

Cooked Trout







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