Breakfast with My Grandfather

I’ve been having breakfast with my Grandfather Joe. Every morning.

Not literally, as this proud Hungarian died nearly 30 years ago.

But my grandfather was a collector and he went to estate sales before they became the popular thing to do. He picked up all sorts of treasures and descending into his basement/garage  was always a chance to have one of his latest treasures revealed. One of the things he bought from estate sales was silverware–the kind that tarnishes if it isn’t used consistently.

When I was in college and had my first apartment, I remember taking some of that silverware with me. Twelve years later I passed it on to my youngest brother, Jon, who was venturing off to college himself. When Jon graduated I asked for the plates I had given him and the silverware back. Well, when I got married (and registered for new silverware and dishes) I must have packed up Grandpa’s silverware.

Just a few weeks ago. . .I found the box of silverware.  And although tarnished with over 14 years of being packed away. . .they were still lovely and seemed almost delicate in their size and weight.

Tarnished silverware

I also tucked away with the silverware I found this funny thing called “Maggie Pan” that I had purchased at an estate sale when we lived in New Jersey. (Yes, I LOVE estate sales, too!)

Magic Pan

It is a pan made out of magnesium and you fill it with water and a little detergent and then add your silverware. Amazingly the tarnish comes right off.

Magic Pan at work


Which is exactly what happened. The pieces were beautiful!

cleaned silverware

I know that I have five kids and something like these forks and spoons and knives should be preserved. . . but I just couldn’t store them away again, and I added them to the mix of Oneida silverware I have in the cutlery drawer.

So every morning, I make the kids  a bowl of cereal and I hand them one of these spoons. And, I make myself a bowl of yogurt and I grab another spoon and we all have breakfast with Grandpa Joe.


I can’t think of a good enough reason to put this little bit of family history back into hiding.  Every time I open my silverware drawer the forks and spoons and knives mixed with everything else in the drawer  makes me smile–and I think of Grandpa Joe.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever “found” anything from your grandparents–or other relatives–that are now part of your daily life.



I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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  1. There’s often this idea that special things should be saved, put away, protected and only brought out for “occasions” because we fear losing or damaging them, but this post is a great reminder of why using them regularly and allowing kids to use them (despite the risk that a spoon or three might magically disappear!) brings out their true value.

    Something that comes to mind from my great-grandmother was her rolling pin! Heavy and seasoned with decades of use, it far surpasses any other I’ve found and I love baking with it when I’m at my mother’s house.

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