Even when he is sick. . .

Will woke up this morning with a stomach virus. Five o'clock this morning he was standing on my side of the bed announcing that he had just thrown up--all over his bed. God Bless, Scott. He knows my aversion/anxiety about vomit and vomitting (did you know that there is a medical term for this anxiety--but I can't remember it right now). So he got out of bed and cleaned up the mess and took care of Will. I felt guilty. . .and then I fell back asleep. Yes, that's the kind of wife I am. Later … [Read more...]

When Not to Let Twins be on the Same Team

I'm pretty adamant about my twins being separated in school and I'm planning to write a post about that. But, as far as sports go, I'd prefer if the entire family was on ONE team. This would mean that I would only have to carpool to one practice. Baseball season is starting this week and we have three different teams: Dylan is in t-ball, Luke and Will are on a team, and Marc is on a different team. At dinner Scott informed me tomorrow Dylan and Marc have practice. . .the next day Luke and … [Read more...]

Are You an Irresponsible Parent? “Will” you answer yes?

A mom never forgets the sting of being called an irresponsible parent. And, yet, often the truth in that accusation leads to something good. And, when you think of being called irresponsible, you might think it was a grandparent or relative who would have leveled such a blow. But, in our case it was our financial planner. To make matters worse, we were called "irresponsible parents" on our first visit with him. And, that honesty. . .the truth in his statement. . .forced us to … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links: Multiples as Astronauts and our Visit to NASA

Time Magazine recently featured identical twins, Mark and Scott Kelly. (The picture above is NOT Mark and Scott Kelly.) You are probably most familiar with Mark Kelly because he is the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, a retired Arizona congresswoman who was a victim of an assassination attempt in 2011. I didn't realize until reading the cover story in  December 28 edition of Time that Mark (older by 6 minutes) and Scott are both astronauts, and they are currently preparing for a year long … [Read more...]

Baby Kale and Chickpea Salad

Often as parents we assume that our children won't like something and so we don't even provide the opportunity for them to make up their own minds. Such was the case with the Baby Kale Salad with Chickpeas; I made a large bowl of it thinking that I had actually made myself lunch for the week. I wasn't even going to serve it to the rest of the family. But, when they saw it in the bowl, everyone wanted to try some! I didn't have one leaf left for lunch the next day. This is salad is so simple … [Read more...]