The First of Many Leavings

Yesterday I dropped Maddie off at Girl Scout camp for her first extended (a week) camping experience. As we've prepared for this event, her emotions had been all over the place. She was excited. . .then angry that she was going to miss vacation bible school at our parish (and blaming me for not scheduling everything better). . .nervous. . .and then excited but nervous. On the hour and a half drive to camp Maddie ate a bag of popcorn and talked a lot. Eating and nonstop talking are her outward … [Read more...]

“Lego” Popcorn (aka popped sorghum)

Even my picky eater will often try something new if I pair it with something he likes. So when I was trying popped sorghum and called it "Lego Popcorn" and required each child to accept the first tasty popped kernel from a Lego figure, ALL of the kids were immediately hooked! Actually this isn't popcorn. . .it is popped sorghum which look like miniature popcorn and the perfect Lego figure size! Have you ever heard of it? I had no idea, but when I spotted a bag of it on the clearance shelf … [Read more...]

What is Your Minimum Requirement?

Probably the most asked question I get (besides how did I end up with two sets of twins) is how did I do it. Honestly, I don't know and more honestly, I don't remember. I didn't have any great organizational system, philosophy or check-off chart. I constantly felt like I was drowning while trying desperately to swim through these days of infancy and toddlerhood. But, what I clearly remember is that I had a couple of minimum requirements that were like life rafts to my days and weeks. In … [Read more...]

An Alternative to Hotels

I have come to the conclusion that hotels don't work for my family of seven. Actually I realized this a few of years ago when we started the 15+ hour drive from San Antonio to Denver in one day,  just to avoid spending the night in a hotel. We no longer fit in one room and two rooms are pricey. Ditto for suites in terms of price--and someone is still sleeping on the pull out couch that doesn't work. And then there is the mini kitchen that is good for a bowl of cereal but not so good for any … [Read more...]

Guess what’s going to school tomorrow?

This afternoon as I was turning over the compost piles (you know, a well-aerated compost pile makes the kitchen waste turn to compost faster!), I found the one thing, besides a a power outage, that gets the boys away from the video games: GRUBS. These two inch, grayish, plump larvae of the May or June bug love. . .absolutely delight in. . .almost finished compost. A bird delicacy. A nine year old's and four year old's total obsession which I don't understand but totally encourage.. So … [Read more...]