Make that Pork feel Special with a Good Rubdown

Nothing says DINNER! like taking a roast out of the oven and ceremoniously presenting it to a group of admiring and hungry people.  But when the school year begins (ok, heck anytime of year!) and the schedule is overwhelmed with homework and projects and sports practices and Scouts and music lessons, we might be tempted to just detour to the closest drive-thru. Not today! I have two EASY recipes for rubs that will save you a ton of time and make your family will think you are absolutely … [Read more...]

Go Climb a Tree–at the Library

A few weeks ago I wrote that we were having a "We aren't reading" kind of summer. The truth is that we've actually spent a lot of time at our local library. And, while I'd like to think that the librarians know me and the kids because of the extensive reading we do, I'm afraid our notoriety is mostly based on the excessive fines we pay (I know I can renew on-line, but do I?) or for how we (ok, the four boys) monopolize the reference librarians' time by requesting EVERY Mindcraft book in the … [Read more...]

Breakfast with My Grandfather

I've been having breakfast with my Grandfather Joe. Every morning. Not literally, as this proud Hungarian died nearly 30 years ago. But my grandfather was a collector and he went to estate sales before they became the popular thing to do. He picked up all sorts of treasures and descending into his basement/garage  was always a chance to have one of his latest treasures revealed. One of the things he bought from estate sales was silverware--the kind that tarnishes if it isn't used … [Read more...]

The BEST Toy Store EVER

I would love to say that my children’s favorite place to visit in Taos, New Mexico during our recent family vacation was the Taos Pueblo, which is the oldest inhabited pueblo in the United States.  Without electricity or running water, the Red Willow tribe has inhabited the pueblo for over a 1000 years and  about 80 people still live there.  It has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage site. Our visit coincided with the annual festival of Santa Ana. But, I had mistakenly promised the … [Read more...]

Raising a Pack of Boys: the Physical Truth

At any given moment of the day, you might hear someone in my house screaming, "I'm going to punch you in the face!" and then the sound of a chase-grab-scream and finally, "MOM!" It is not that my house is a violent place. . .nor that I'm the one yelling or chasing or screaming MOM. I have four boys that are within 4 years of each other. I'm not kidding when I say we have an arsenal of Nerf guns that would make any NRA member shake my hand. And, if they aren't playing a Wii game … [Read more...]