Mostly Multiples Links

Whoa, dear readers, what a week! I'm looking forward to the weekend and hopefully spending time getting my garden ready for planting. (Here in South Texas if you don't get a garden in by mid March--you may as well wait for the September planting season). Do you have big plans? Here is this week's Mostly Multiples links and it is mostly about funny things regarding identical twins. I am a self-professed Public Radio junkie. I blame the two philosophy professors that I nannied for during … [Read more...]

Can Minecraft Teach our Kids the Art of Small Talk?

We have fallen into the video game rabbit hole with our older children. After years of resisting the DS--whatever number--and doling out our phones to one child at a time to play a game while the others hovered around the four inch screen, I opened the flood gates and bought the two nine year olds and the two seven year olds Nooks for Christmas. I reasoned that they would read books on it and then occasionally play video games on it--like during our 15+hour drive to Denver. (Please, don't … [Read more...]

. . .and then the hamster died

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you think: "This can't get much worse?" and then it does. As in the hamster dies. Last week included two parent teacher conferences at two different schools, two fevers, three doctor visits, three evening functions, Girl Scout cookies, piano lessons, two playdates (I feel like Noah in the amount of things that happen by twos!) --really do I need to continue? So by Wednesday I was pretty much shot when, as I was helping someone (can't really … [Read more...]

How Well Do You Know Your Child?

I bet the answer is not as well as you think you do. Sure, you might know her favorite kind of music or his least favorite food, but do you know developmentally where your child is? Do you know if the behaviors he or she is exhibiting (especially those that are driving you crazy) are typical for his or her age? This was the topic of this evening's parenting class I'm taking from parent educator, Geri Clouse. You can find her website and the classes she offers here. Her classes are life … [Read more...]

Monday Meal: Green Chicken Enchilada Casserole

The only thing good about Super Bowl Sunday--albeit from a Bronco fan's point of view--was the Green Chicken Enchilada Casserole that I served at half time! And, boy did we need some sustenance at that point. . . This is one of those "trifecta meals"-- a meal that you can easily put together, it appeals to almost everyone, and it makes you look like a really good cook. The recipe is from my mother-in-law, Lucy. About six years ago she asked me to make a recipe/photo book of her family's … [Read more...]

And the winner is. . .The Pinewood Derby Results

When you are one of four brothers. . .and one of the brothers is your identical twin. . .and two of the brothers are in Cub Scouts with you. . .you tend to embrace things that set you apart from your male siblings. Hence is the case with Luke, who won first place for his pack this weekend in the annual Pinewood Derby Race. This was his second win. Scott texted me video of the various races since I was at home with a napping three year old, but I couldn't tell who won. When I texted, "WHO … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Help People Tell Identical Twins Apart

When I was pregnant with my second set of twins and learned that they were identical boys, I don't think I processed exactly what that term meant: identical. I definitely didn't imagine that I, of all people, wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Then they were born, and I have to be honest, they didn't necessary look alike but I couldn't keep them separated in my sleep deprived brain. We used sharpie markers to put a "L" or a "W" on each of their feet. This worked, except for the middle of … [Read more...]

Encouraging Open-Ended Play

Since tomorrow has the possibility of being a "snow day" here in south Texas (really, it is going to be an "ice morning" that'll probably shut down the schools) I thought I'd post this idea to keep the kids busy. My  friend, Amie, a mother of three year old twins, originally posted this idea on Facebook. Amie is a child development specialist so she has a ton of ideas for encouraging play--which we all know is how children learn. Some of the best play is what is called open-ended: it doesn't … [Read more...]

Chile Verde–the perfect meal for a cold evening

We are bracing in south Texas for a blast of cold air. Don't laugh at us--when it is below 60 degrees people will ask, "What's with this cold weather?" So the possibility of 28 degrees and freezing rain/snow/drizzle has caused all kinds of warnings and has my kids talking about a snow day. My Chile Verde recipe is ideal for this cold weather and it is a family favorite that is easy to make, incredibly healthy, and the perfect supper on a cold evening. I didn't grow up with tomatillos, but … [Read more...]

A Broom: The gift I wish Santa had given

When the kids were younger I thought it was funny, in an odd sort of way, to buy them a kid's broom and dust pan. I'd see these items in toy magazines and I thought that it was sort of a demeaning toy. Really, what kid would want a broom? Now that I have an official "chore chart' and three older boys who claim that they don't know how to do things. . .I have reformed my way of thinking. Last month I ran over one of our brooms when I pulled into the garage and didn't see the broom off to … [Read more...]