Catching Dinner: Our Day of Fishing

Staying at a ski resort in the summer offers some great amenities. . . but sometimes you just want to go out to nature and, you know, catch your own dinner. We ventured out to Lake Irvin, about 20 minutes from Crested Butte to cast our luck. . .and at times try our patience. To be honest, we don't do much fishing as a family. We have all of the gear but when there are five impatient little fisher people and five poles to get put together with hooks and bait, and five lines to cast out. … [Read more...]

Crested Butte: Summer in the Mountains

Every other summer my side of the family gets together for about five days--usually in one of the mountain towns of Colorado. This year we headed to Crested Butte. The area, in the East River Valley, was once the summer residence of the Ute Indians. Later it became a silver and coal mining town and now it is a popular ski area in the winter and a biking mecca in the summer. The base lodge area, where we are staying, offers something for everyone.  My brother, Chad, and his two older sons took … [Read more...]

Make your Summer Salad Sing with this Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette

What brings an ordinary salad to that other level that makes people scraping out the bowl and asking for more? At the family reunion/baby shower that I wrote about here I made a large salad to accompany the fajitas. The sweet mom-to-be, Amie, specifically asked that I make a salad for the party. Unfortunately it was the last thing I put together and to be honest I just opened a box of mixed greens and added some purple cabbage and slice red peppers for color. Then I found this recipe on … [Read more...]


Okay, so I'm just going to publicly admit this right now and get on with our summer: We aren't reading.  There I said it and I'll say it again, only louder. WE AREN'T READING. I mean, I'm reading. I just finished the 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner Goldfinch, and I bought  Not Becoming My Mother at a thrift store. (WAIT MOM. KEEP READING. I'm reading this because I've read ALL of Ruth Reichl's memoirs. She was the restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times and the the … [Read more...]

Fun and Games on the Fourth. . .not just for the kids!

I'll be honest, sometimes I'm just not that good with letting loose and having crazy child-like fun. So, I really appreciate people who know how to have a good time.  My sister-in-law, Cindy, is one of those people and once again for our July 4 get together, she had games organized (with prizes!) for all of the kids. First there was the sling shot into the hula-hoop-in-the-pool game. Uncle Jerry was the goal tender--and he "helped" the younger players make it into the hoop. The … [Read more...]

Starting a Family Story within the Larger Story

I've started to think of family. . .whatever the configuration. . .as a story. There is a larger story of the extended family--ancestors and family history and traditions. Then there is the story of the immediate family--the daily things and events that make up the days and years of our lives together. There is an amazing beauty, though, when the immediate family story is celebrated by the larger family. That is what happened for us over the weekend. This is Amie (my niece) and Allen. In … [Read more...]

They’re home!

All week friends had been asking me if I missed the boys. I responded with an obligatory: YES! But, in reality, I was really enjoying my week with just two non-twin children. We had gone out to dinner almost nightly, swimming and hanging out together. Not that there weren't moments, but for the most part I was struck with how easy of a week it was with only two children. I really didn't miss them in the "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!" way that I thought most mothers would be feeling after leaving … [Read more...]

A Rite of Passage: Going to Camp

How does a child get in the car to go to camp knowing that he has only ONE shoe on his foot? This was the question I began pondering when 45 miles from home Maddie yelled from the third row of the Expedition: "Mom, Luke only has one shoe on!" Luke, quickly defending himself, shouted, "I could only find one shoe!" After two days of packing,  very tense trips to Target, the Dollar Store, Lowes, and back to Target, I had the three older boys thoroughly packed for their first overnight camp at … [Read more...]

How to Teach your Child to Ride a Two Wheel Bike

I'm not an expert on much of anything.  You'd think that a person in my situation would have at least some plausible pieces of advice for potty training, organizational wizardry, or how to survive being stuck in a Six Flags parking lot for five hours after watching Fourth of July fireworks (ok, my advice WATCH FROM THE SIDE OF THE ROAD). But, ask me about teaching a child to ride a two wheel bike. . .I'm your mom. As of last month, we have sent seven children pedaling off into the sunset … [Read more...]

Korean Beef

If mother of multiples posts a recipe that she says is easy AND ALL OF HER CHILDREN LOVE IT, you may as well add it to your repertoire of meals--especially meals that need to be done 15 minutes ago. Thus is the case with this recipe of Korean Beef (not actually sure if it is in fact, Korean) that was posted on the San Antonio Mother's of Multiples Cooking page. This should be filed under the key words easy, kid friendly, sweet, fast. I think the sweet part is what my family of sugar hounds … [Read more...]