Spaghetti Pie

They all like noodles. Any kind of noodles. But add sauce to those noodles and the dinner is "RUINED" according to my eight year old. A good compromise is Spaghetti Pie. Easy to make (especially with left over spaghetti and sauce) this meal freezes and is the one thing I make to take when we

Lentils and Sausage

What parent isn’t after a meal that is nutritious, fast, filling and inexpensive but rich with flavor? My “go-to-meal” fills the bill and also provides children the opportunity to “personalize” it with their preferred “add-ons”. A dear friend from Guatemala, Nancy Diaz, introduced this meal to us and it is a family favorite! As with

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! How did you celebrate the last day of 2012? We had some good friends, who are also parents-of-multiples, over for a very impromptu celebration: "Hey, Heather. . .Scott is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. . .do you want to come over?" Heather brought apple pie, ice cream and sparkling cider for

Christmas Photos

I'll just go ahead and admit defeat. It is really rather embarrassing and probably the real reason no one has received a Christmas card from our family this year: I failed to score the perfect Christmas picture. I LOVE getting Christmas cards, especially the photo kind. I love watching my friends and their families grow-up,


Today's tragedy in Newtown Connecticut hits home because there is a sense that that could have been our elementary school and those could have been any of our children. And, as shocked and heartbroken and appalled and numb we feel right now, we also have the grateful sense that it wasn't our school and it

We Bought a Piano!

My husband is the musician in the family. He plays guitar and sings. He used to direct a church choir. And, when we were first married, he would follow me around the house playing his guitar and singing songs--sometimes serious ones but mostly funny reworks. I have to admit that the last part might sound