I Will not YELL for an Entire Year Challenge

Are you like me? I can hold it together pretty well with the chaos of my children for most of the day. But, come nighttime I end up snapping. By the end of the day I crave—desperately need—think that I will die if I don’t get some--alone time. I mean “the quiet, please no one talk to me, let me engross myself into something other than children and chores” time. Today is a perfect example. We went to the zoo. First we bought three buckets of popcorn, then we rode the zoo train, walked … [Read more...]

The Lawn is OPEN so Let the PLAY (and the memories) Begin

Once again, it is about community. I’m big on it. So it is no surprise that even when we scraped together all of our Marriot points and cashed them in for a two night stay with two double beds (yes, I did end up sleeping on the floor for part of one night!) at the JW Marriott—the part of the weekend that stands out for me is not the beautiful accommodations, the pools and slides, or the brunch that has my absolute favorite breakfast treat (smoked salmon with capers). It is not even the fact … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Dear Dad, I didn't get you a card. Oh, and that gift part. . .yeah, didn't get a chance to get that bought and mailed off either. You've been here. You know how crazy it gets with five kids. So, I thought I'd write you a post that has been percolating in my head for the past month. Last month, when you and mom were visiting for Marc's and Maddie's First Communion, you made a comment that stopped me in my tracks and I've been thinking about it ever since. Let me set the scene. … [Read more...]

I’ll Show you mine. . .if you show me yours: Playrooms in the Land of Multiples

This post is about messy playrooms--well, it started out that way. . . Last week one of the mothers of multiples posted a picture of her children's play area--in real time. I swear you could almost hear a collective sigh throughout the Facebook site. Really?! Mine looks just like that, too! At first I thought, What a great idea! I'll post pictures of messy playrooms. What a wonderful way to make Mothers of Multiples everywhere feel better for themselves! If your house looks like these … [Read more...]

Water Balloons on the Last Day of School

For the past three years I've met my kids at their bus stop with camera in tow to record their last day of school. I like the idea of going full circle because I caught their first day of getting on the bus in August. But, after reading a post someone sent me on the cool things that fun moms do (and the grouchy, laundry-laden mom in this house could use a few tips), I thought that I would mix it up this year. WATER BALLOON FIGHT! I spent the hour before their getting off the bus, while … [Read more...]

To the moms who have multiples between the ages of 12 months and 3 years: There will come a time. . .

There will come a time when you will return to the scene of the crime. The one place where you lost control. . .where chaos reigned. . .where complete strangers asked if you needed help. . .where one child ran away laughing while you ran after him (not laughing) with the other child tucked under your arm like a football. You will return with a picnic in tow. . .pulled by the child that ran from you laughing. And, that child WILL GET HIS OWN LUNCH OUT OF THE COOLER WITHOUT NEEDING ANY ASSISTANCE … [Read more...]

The Other side of our Night Away: The sitter’s story

You can read about Scott's and my night away here. But there is another story. . .the story about how Patti, the sitter, ended up with only two hours of sleep that night. Our dear friend Pattie, who has know the children since we they were one and two years old and Dylan since he was born, agreed to watch the children for us while we went to the Lyle Lovett concert. Little did I know that Scott arranged for her to spend the night so that he and I could have our first night away from the … [Read more...]

Having Multiples shouldn’t be the only Surprise in your Marriage!

Lately, there have been a few posts on our San Antonio Mothers of Multiples facebook site about the struggles of having multiples and trying to keep a marriage on track. Honestly, I probably could have written one of those posts myself. You see, it has been a crazy Spring: four birthdays (two complete with parties), a first communion, family visiting, and me working during the week and then two weekends in a row. Don't get me wrong, all of the events were wonderful celebrations (and I love what … [Read more...]

The Golf Lesson

This is the boy who couldn’t hit the golf ball.   So he threw his clubs on the ground.   Complained that he wasn’t strong enough. . .or smart enough to hit the ball. . . the club was stupid and too long.   This is the boy who couldn’t hear mom when she said that it takes many swings that totally miss the ball and many more that hit the ball which lands inches from the tee.   This is the boy who said that mom was wrong and, for angry emphasis, jumped on … [Read more...]

Swallowtails and a Teacher who teaches a Family

While it seems obvious to say that teachers touch the lives of students, what is not said very often, if at all, is that teachers also have a way of making a difference to an entire family. We have about 20-30 swallow tail caterpillars in our butterfly net cage. No, that last sentence doesn’t belong in a totally different post. Let me continue. . . We have swallowtail caterpillars because when Scott was cutting the grass Saturday morning he excitedly called the kids over to a place in … [Read more...]