The Recital Mistake: Go Back and Play Forward

For some reason, I think that at 40 (and then some) years I should pretty much know it all. That, as a matter of fact, I should be the one nodding my head wisely while patting the head of a young student while gently saying, "Yes, young grasshopper. . .you discovered an important law of life. . ." But, as it works in parenting the lessons are never over. If you are smugly patting young grasshopper's head, you are actually asking the universe to kick you in the behind. Such was the event a … [Read more...]

Dead Man Meatloaf

Meatloaf can be so boring. My standard recipe is from Kraft foods and you can find it here.  This is one of those "back pocket" recipes that I can pretty much guarantee will make a good meal. But, today I lacked the stuffing mix that puts that meatloaf over the top. So, this afternoon right before the 3:15 onslaught of hungry, homework-laden children arrived from school, I was frantically searching for a meat loaf recipe whose ingredients jived with my pantry. I came upon DEAD MAN … [Read more...]

When it is too quiet. . .and I’m getting too much done. . .

So I was making dinner this evening, thinking to myself, This is great! Homework done and the four boys are outside playing baseball. Wow! What a long way from a few years ago where making dinner meant holding one while the other climbed up my leg and two more raided the pantry for Cheerios. I had that LOOK AT ME ROCK THIS DINNER THING moment. YEAH, I'VE GOT THIS DOWN. . .Let ME tell you how it is done. . . As a matter of fact my friend, Amie, a mother of three year old twins, asked me … [Read more...]

Sausage, Spinach and Pasta Soup: Something for Everyone

The weather is expected to turn cooler this weekend so this is a perfect opportunity to get a great soup on the stove. This one is a tad more time intensive in that there are veggies to cut up. But, I save time by putting the onion and the garlic in the food processor for a few pulses and the carrots are pretty quick to cut. The spinach can go in whole or torn up and anything else you add is just bonus. There is a parenting adage that if you are going to introduce a new food item to … [Read more...]

Don’t Yell at Your Kids: One crazy tip that might help

My husband, Scott, is taking a parenting class from a friend and parenting mentor, Geri Clouse. She offers free parenting workshops that you can learn more about here. When we had four under three, we both took her class on Nurturing Parenting. Here's the main lesson of the class: YOU CAN'T CONTROL the child BUT you can control the environment. And, that some of what we (or others that would interact with us) would consider "unacceptable" behavior is actually part of whatever development … [Read more...]

Famzoo: The Virtual Bank that Teaches Children about Money

Money. SHHHH. . . Do you talk about it? With your children? Do you share your money weaknesses? Mistakes? Values? Do you just hope that your children learn about it through osmosis? Our previous approach to teaching money management was the envelope one. No, not the Dave Ramsey budgeting envelopes where envelopes are listed by category and are funded with cash. We subscribed to the envelopes in the cupboard method of money managment for our children: Each child had an … [Read more...]

The Six Words that Will Encourage Your Child

I want my kids to do well in EVERYTHING they do. Ok, maybe I'm not that concerned with them getting the top scores in their video games. But when it comes spelling tests. . .soccer games. . .piano lessons. . .Accelerated Reader (AR) points, I often think that my constructive advice or nagging about practice schedules is encouraging them to do their best. I believe that both my years of experience (who doesn't have a certain amount of wisdom after 40+ years) and my omniscient mom awareness … [Read more...]

A Decision to Use Donor Eggs: Marni’s Story

One of the best things about being a mother-of-multiples (besides having multiples) is meeting so many women whose stories about having multiples are so different--and yet so familiar. A common theme to many of our stories is that we were told we couldn't conceive children on our own--for whatever reasons--and that we'd need assistance. What do you do if your body just couldn't produce the eggs necessary to conceive a child? Would you consider accepting an egg or two from another woman to … [Read more...]


I don't know when it started, but it must have been in kindergarten. One day Will came home and said he had a gift for me. His pudgy hand unfolded and in his fleshy palm was a green acorn that he had found on the playground. It was such a pretty and almost delicate thing, and the gesture was so sincere and loving that I gushed over that acorn. I put it in a bowl in my cupboard where I keep some wedding china and crystal. Will started bringing me an acorn almost every day. Some days the … [Read more...]

IT’S LABOR DAY. And I’ve updated my LinkedIN profile

Here it is Labor Day and I'm just hanging out with my kids. Nope, not working a lick. Well, I unloaded  and loaded the dishwasher, prepared four breakfasts (one bowl of cereal required four different cereals and two different kinds of fruits), picked up three from a sleep over, and made seven lunches and a pan of brownies for a Labor Day get together. But, really I'm just hanging out today. Labor Day has me reflecting on labor. . .and that has led me to think about LinkedIn because that is … [Read more...]