And the winner is. . .The Pinewood Derby Results

Pinewood Derby

When you are one of four brothers. . .and one of the brothers is your identical twin. . .and two of the brothers are in Cub Scouts with you. . .you tend to embrace things that set you apart from your male siblings.

Hence is the case with Luke, who won first place for his pack this weekend in the annual Pinewood Derby Race. This was his second win.

Scott texted me video of the various races since I was at home with a napping three year old, but I couldn’t tell who won. When I texted, “WHO WON?” his response was, “I’ll tell you later. . .but I have to take Marc out for a little consolation prize.”

When the boys returned home, Luke was downright excited. He gathered up last year’s car and trophy and this year’s car and trophy and immediately wanted a picture. He wanted to make sure I posted his win: the drive to be different and to be recognized is a strong one! Ah. . .to be THE ONLY ONE IN YOUR FAMILY!

It was a bitter sweet win for Scott. This year he MADE SURE to build each of three cars to the SAME specifications: a wedge. (Last year each of the boys designed their own cars and Scott cut them out.) While we were in Denver three of my brothers joined forces with Scott to help cut out the cars–questioning all along the loss of individuality in each car if they were all wedges. But, surely, Scott reasoned, with basically the same car cloned there wouldn’t be hurt feelings–the cars would perform almost identically.

But, like identical twins: each car performed very differently. They even looked different as Luke took some time to give his a specific paint job.

Of course, with only one winner and two–well, not winners–there were hurt feelings and accusations of, “DAD. YOU DIDN’T MAKE MINE RIGHT!” Which I know is very much against the “spirit” of the event where the boys and an adult work together on designing and making car.

As a parent, I felt bad for the non-winners but I know that it is also in the non-winning that the drive to win (at anything) must be planted and take root. But, I was also very happy for Luke. . .it isn’t every day he is gets to shine in a spotlight–alone!






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