I am Michelle and I am a mother of five children: two sets of twins and a singleton. My husband Scott and I live in southwestern Texas.

Our first set of twins, Maddie and Marc, are girl/boy fraternal twins and were conceived through IVF after we were told we had a one in a million chance of conceiving on our own.Twelve months later we found ourselves with a “spontaneous “ pregnancy and when I went for the ultra sound (being of advanced maternal age) discovered that it was twins. A second ultra sound a month later revealed  that they were identical boys! Luke and Will were born 19 months after Marc and Maddie.Still not convinced that we could conceive children on our own (weare slow learners) and thinking that we were also too old to conceive (hey, we were teenagers during our last biology class!)  we were surprised to find that at the age of 42  and 47 respectively, I was pregnant again. Even though the extended family held their collective breath and eagerly seemed to want to spread the story of a third set of multiples, we discovered that it was a singleton pregnancy and Dylan was born four years after Luke and Will.  And while we’ve LOVED being parents of multiples, we also LOVE being the parent of this sweet singleton boy!Please join us as we reflect upon and as we continue our journey as parents of multiple mulitiples.

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