A Busy July 4th!

I know a few days have passed since the fourth of July but we had such a crazy, unexpected day that I thought I’d share some pictures.

The morning started with the annual parade in Georgetown, Colorado. We’ve “marched/walked”  in about three of these parades with my brother, Tim Mauck, who is county commissioner for Clear Creek County. This year Uncle Tim had new/old Jeep so he took the top off, put the kids in, and  had them throw candy to the bystanders. (I don’t think the kids realized how long the parade would be because by the end of the parade, where Scott and I were sitting, they were out of treats!)

Georgetown Parade

The parade actually is light on marching bands and pretty heavy on all types of characters you might find in a mountain community.

Georgetown Parade 2015

Georgetown Parade 2015


Georgetown is a lovely, historic town that was founded in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Actually silver was discovered there and the town became a central for commerce and entertainment for miners.

After the parade we had some extra time we had some extra time so we decided to go for a hike. Scott really wanted to visit St. Mary’s Glacier so we decided to venture in that direction. I thought that I had visited it before and I really didn’t want to go, but I agreed–even if I was a little peevish about going.

Oh man. . .was I glad we went! It was stunning!

St. Mary's Glacier

Located about 9 miles from Idaho Springs, Saint Mary’s Glacier is actually a snowfield (but was originally part of an ancient glacier) whose summer melt-off feeds Saint Mary’s Lake.

Saint Mary's Glacier

People hike up the trail (rocky but not too difficult) with skis and snowboards to slide down the snow.

We even saw people jumping from the cliffs into the icy cold lake. If you look closely you can see one of the cliff jumpers.

Cliff Diver
Cliff Diver

The boys scaled right up the snow! Luckily they didn’t want to cliff dive.

Saint Mary's Glacier

And really that would have been enough excitement for the day but there was still the cook-out at Uncle Tim’s house in Idaho Springs.

Uncle Aaron threw countless pitches to Dylan.

July 4th

A new cousin was held! Maddie is no longer the only granddaughter.

And cousin-friendships were renewed.

Corn was shucked. And Scott played corn-shucking music. Don’t ask me what the song was. . .he totally made it up.


And an entire family of three generations gathered together to celebrate.

July Fourth Gathering


It was a crazy, unexpected, deliciously, wonderful day!



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